The World´s Fastest is a documentary project - it tells the story of eighty-something year old men, who build handcrafted rocket-like vehicles in their backyard garages. Men who are inspiring, men who show that is never to early or to late to find your real passion and a true meaning of life.

We want to honour the achievments of those men, when they embark on the ride on what may be their last race at Bonneville.

It is a tribute to the vanishing era of internal combustion and fossil fuel racing. It tells the story of a generation of Speedseekers who cherish the smell of gasoline and oil like the very air we breathe; people whose sense of purpose is tied to the creation of record setting vehicles. They are powered by absolute devotion, friendship, and the ambition to win—from the first turn of the wrench all the way to the starting line at Bonneville. A magical place that is now in danger.

Regardless of what the future may or may not hold for the salt, as its conditions are getting worse and worse, we cannot let the world go on withough capturing a piece of racing history.