We are a filmmaking team, consisting of director/photographer Alexandra Lier, producer Laia Gonzalez and the production company erste liebe studios.

This project is our passion. It is an independent film in which we are pouring our heartblood into it without earning any profit. Our goal is to create an unseen art documentary on very inspiring men and bring their story to well known film festivals. We believe this story can be encouraging to all of you.

Alexandra Lier's obsession with fast cars, customs, racing and its attendant culture began back in 1999 when she first visited Bonneville for Speedweek. Every year she travels to at least one land speed racing event, camera in hand, to document the people and the cars. Her books Speedseekers and The World's Fastest Place have been very successful.

Laia Gonzalez has been making films her whole life. She started her professional career in TV production, moved on to Advertising with particular focus on the automotive industry. In recent years, she has further specialised on her passion for documentary.

erste liebe studios are content creators: a collaborative of experienced producers, passionate storytellers and filmmakers. They believe in authentic and exciting storytelling and support this documentary to the fullest.

We have built a crew of passionate people that are willing to support us with their talent.

The crew consists of:
Frank Schlotterbeck / he creates breathtaking images
Imke Koseck / she combines all images to one masterpiece
Angelo Kovatchev / he is our secret weapon in every situation
Raik Lingner / he makes the cars sound perfectly
2wei Music / they compose the music that'll make us cry 
Hastings Audio Network / they polish the sound to it's excellence
nhb / they give the final bling to the film